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We will be there for you Every Step of the Way!

Are you looking for a uniquely unforgettable Intimate & Romantic wedding that leaves a lasting impression?

You're in the right place.

What sets us apart? We really listen to our clients, creating distinctive events tailored to their specific needs and desires. Our innovative mix of solutions ensures that every detail is covered. Get in touch to learn how we can make your dream event a reality.

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"There's nothing I love more than being apart of something bigger than myself. It's exactly how I feel when I'm helping my clients plan their wedding!"

Tamesha Kinloch Carter

FMTY Chief Wedding Planner


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O'Maury & Latrelle

During your wedding planning journey, there will be times where you question so many aspects of your planning...Focus on the Process and trust that the outcome will be rewarding...You will come out on the other side Smiling and Dancing the night away!

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