• Tamesha Kinloch-Carter

So About My Girl's Trip To Mexico

Updated: 5 hours ago

So while on my vacation to celebrate my friend Nikki’s Birthday in Mexico, as we we’re about to check in my bride and groom from October 2017 is there checking in!

Still unbelievable. We also ate at the same restaurant.

Let me just say how crazy it was to see them at the same resort................. I mean out of all the places in the world 🌎 we’re there at the same time................ ok did I mention they were celebrating their 2nd anniversary❤️🤵🏽👰🏽 and to make this story even friends and I were not even supposed to be in that particular check in lounge........because the resort has different accommodation check in lounges.. I feel that it was divinely orchestrated🙏🏽🙌🏾.... Can’t wait to share some exciting news soon in reference to this experience....Until then.... Screaming from the hilltops 🗣 Happy Anniversary to Damon and Sharhonda Blunt

Mr. & Mrs. Blunt


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